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The primary duty of Berlin Area Ambulance Assoc. Inc. is to provide prompt response to medical emergencies within the community.   The ambulance service also responds with the fire department on nearly all fire calls to assist in providing medical standby and/or rehab services.  Station 500 is primarily dispatched through the Somerset County Department of Emergency Services, which can be reached by dialing 911.  One ALS duty crew is staffed 24/7 and the second crew is staffed through the voluntary response of other off duty personnel.  Emergency calls account for nearly 65% of the yearly call volume.      


A non-emergency transport is defined as any non-urgent scheduled patient transfer.  These typically involve transporting patients from their residence to a doctor’s office or clinic, or returning patients home from the hospital.  Due to having only one schedule duty crew in quarters, non-emergency transports are limited to entities with pre-existing contracts and are usually limited to facilities within a 35 mile radius.  When proper advanced notice is afforded, second crew staffing may be arranged to handle non-emergency transports so that the duty crew may remain available to handle any local emergencies that should arise.  To learn more or to arrange a non-emergency transport please contact the ambulance station.


Berlin Area Ambulance Assoc. Inc. is available to provide medical standby services at local events of any type.  Currently the service is contracted to provide standby services for certain school sporting events.  Other events for which the association has provided standby service include local fairs, 4X4 races, tough mudder obstacle courses, and fire school classes.  Advanced notification is required to schedule an event standby.  Units assigned to a standby may remain available for other emergencies and could temporarily be called away from the event.  If you would like more information or to schedule an EMS standby at your event please contact the ambulance station.


Recognizing a need to protect the children of our community, Berlin Area Ambulance Assoc. Inc. rose to the occasion and developed a progressive elementary level prevention program.  Each year crews visit local schools to make educational presentations about EMS awareness and injury prevention during EMS Week.  The association’s headline presentation involves bicycle safety.  The bicycle safety program is given to kindergarten students at the Berlin Brothersvalley and the Shanksville Stonycreek school districts.  These students are also measured and fitted for bicycle helmets, which are provided by the ambulance service.   


Education is one of the most critical components to keeping EMS providers up to date with the latest knowledge, technology and skills.  Berlin Area Ambulance Assoc. Inc. offers annual training in bloodborne pathogens and CPR to EMS and fire department personnel.  The service also occasionally hosts skill labs and required provider courses such as PHTLS.  Some staff members of Berlin Area Ambulance Assoc. Inc. are trained CPR/First Aid instructors and/or EMS instructors.  If you would like to arrange a CPR or First Aid class for your organization please contact the ambulance station and your request will be forwarded to an instructor.


The field of Emergency Medical Services has been around since the late 1960’s.  Since this time the concept of EMS has been continuously evolving.  As a result many people are not fully aware of the capabilities offered by EMTs and Paramedics.  Our crew members are no longer just “ambulance drivers,” but are now trained medical professionals.  Berlin Area Ambulance Assoc. Inc. strives to promote community awareness to help educate the public about the vital role EMS plays within the community.  We can arrange to send a speaker and/or ambulance to your event (church groups, scouting group, civic organizations, business, etc.) to provide a brief demonstration or presentation about any EMS related topic you may desire.  For more information or to schedule a speaker please contact the ambulance station.