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Since 1967, Berlin Area Ambulance Assoc. Inc. Has been committed to providing the highest quality ambulance service to all residents and visitors of our area.  We are a non-profit organization that does not receive any tax subsidy.  Your memberships and donations assist us with the expense of providing pre-hospital care; from purchasing life saving equipment, to ensuring trained medical personnel are always on duty to handle whatever emergencies that should arise.  Your donations help us to provide reliable quality care to our community.  With rapidly escalating costs, we need your support more than ever!


Members of Berlin Area Ambulance Assoc. Inc. are eligible for debt forgiveness or rate reduction of medical bills incurred from use of the ambulance in an emergency.  Your insurance will be billed by Berlin Area Ambulance Assoc. Inc. for services rendered; but any remaining balance not paid to the ambulance service by the insurance company will be excused.  This means that you are not liable for paying any difference between the billed amount and the insurance payout, which could be several hundred dollars.  Please note that ambulance membership does not take the place of medical insurance and you are still required to pay regular insurance premiums as dictated by your plan.  Non-members will be obligated to pay all payments, co-payments and deductibles as required by their health insurance plan.  Base emergency transport rates start at $500 plus mileage, and can quickly rise depending on what care level and treatments are required.   


Family membership is available for $43.00 per year.  A typical family membership covers a husband, wife and unmarried children under 21 years of age who reside at the same address.  Mentally challenged or physically handicapped persons, regardless of age, are included in a family membership.


Individual membership is available for $33.00.  Individual memberships may also be purchased along with a family membership to cover children over 21 years, or other family members not covered by the family membership.

Feel free to contact us with any membership questions by calling:


(814) 267-4112



Please mail completed applications to:


Berlin Area Ambulance Assoc.

721 North St.

Berlin, PA 15530


Terms of Membership:


  • Membership period runs from August 31 of the current year and runs though July 31 of the following year.
  • Membership applications are due by July 31 in order to be considered active for the following membership year.
  • Membership applications received after July 31 may be subject to a 30-day waiting period before being considered active.  
  • New residents to the community may join upon moving to the service area and will be eligible for immediate membership coverage.
  • Applications received after July 31 for the current membership year are not prorated or discounted in price, and will be subject to expiration at the end of the regular membership year.
  • Berlin Area Ambulance Assoc. Inc. does hold reciprocal agreements with neighboring ambulance services.  This means that if you are in an area covered by one of these services, the terms of your Berlin membership will be honored.
  • Membership program is applicable only to EMERGENCY (dispatched through 911) ambulance transport from the scene to the hospital of your choice (Somerset, Meyersdale, Windber, Johnstown, Bedford or Cumberland).
  • Non-emergency transportation for doctor visits or interfacility transfers (between hospitals) are not covered by your membership and are subject to applicable billing fees.
  • For members who are uninsured, the ambulance membership will not excuse your entire bill.  Instead, you may have your bill amount adjusted or significantly reduced by the ambulance service, but you will still be responsible for paying it.