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Statement of Purpose


The purpose of Berlin Area Ambulance Assoc. Inc. is to be proactive towards the improvement of rapid response to medical emergency calls, providing effective patient care and treatment in the prehospital setting, and ensuring the utmost safety of patients and crew members during transport.  The association promotes community involvement, with special interest given to children, the elderly and all aspects of preventative education within the community.  Berlin EMS strives to meet the needs of these communities and effectively produce a winning proposition for both the community and the association.  It is the intent of Berlin Area Ambulance Assoc. Inc. Not to be just another organization within the community, but rather to be an integral part of the community.

The Association


Berlin Ambulance Association, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in Somerset County, Pennsylvania.  The organization started as a volunteer ambulance service in 1967, but has since grown to meet the ever changing needs of the community.  The association provides ALS and BLS emergency medical care and transport, as well as non-emergency transport, scheduled standbys at local school sporting events and other special event EMS coverage services as needed within our response area.  The association operates two ALS ambulances and one utility terrain vehicle.



Berlin Area Ambulance Assoc. Inc. is responsible for the largest geographical first-due response area (176.45 sq. mi.) for an ALS transport ambulance within Somerset County.  The service area covers all or part of eight local municipalities in the outlying rural areas of eastern Somerset County.  Municipalities included in the primarily service area are Berlin Borough, Shanksville Borough, New Baltimore Borough, Brothersvalley Township, Stonycreek Township, Allegheny Township, Fairhope Township and Northampton Township.  The population of the area covered is approximately 8,500 according to the US Census Report of 2000.  


Berlin Ambulance has 31 persons listed on its employment roster (10 paramedics and 21 EMTs).  Personnel are required to maintain current certification as per the guidelines for continuing education applicable to their respective provider levels set by the PA Department of Health and the service medical director.  Employees are also trained to the appropriate levels of NIMS as per the national 5-year implementation plan.  All responders are required to go through annual CPR instruction and are also required to take an EVOC certification course. The station is manned at all times by a single ALS crew, consisting of one Paramedic and one EMT.  Should a second crew emergency call occur, we rely on the voluntary response of our off-duty employees to staff the second unit. Employees who voluntarily respond on second crew calls are compensated for their time the applicable hourly wage rate for their provider level.  


Geographical first due area covered

by Berlin Area Ambulance Assoc. Inc.